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Drew Berding

Based on the Revelation Overlay Theory of Dr. David Orlowski
Drew Berding, Editor

This paper will attempt to put the book of Revelation in chronological order according to the Revelation Overlay Theory of Dr. David Orlowski.

Most serious students of Revelation do fine until they get to chapter 12. Then they get totally confused. What they overlook is that John is told to prophesy again in Revelation 10:11. Up to that point, the book has been strictly chronological. However, from chapter 11 through the end of the book, he goes back and prophesies a second time. Therefore from chapter 11-16 he revisits material he has already covered and he adds information that amplifies and expands upon what he previously prophesied in those earlier chapters 8-11. Then John continues the chronological narrative from chapter 17 to the end of the book.

If the reader doesn’t realize that John is repeating himself (albeit with different details), he could easily get confused and not realize that the Trumpets and Bowls (for example) are really the same things (or concurrent), or that the three Woes are really the same as Trumpet/Bowls 5, 6 and 7.

Both the first and second prophesy are each chronological but they overlap somewhat. The simple figure on the next page shows diagrammatically how they overlay.

May God bless you with insight, discernment, awe and praise for Him as you carefully consider His Word.

The Revelation Time-Line—First Half of Tribulation

EventFirst ProphecyOverlay Prophesy
The Revelation of Jesus Christ1:1 
Message to the Churches1:4 
The Patmos Vision1:9 
The Seven Churches:  
John Shown Heaven4:1 
The Throne in Heaven—Twenty-Four Elders4:2-4 
The Seven Spirits—The Throne—The Four Living Creatures4:5-11 
The Book with Seven Seals:5:1-5 
 Jesus Takes the Book5:6-10 
 Angels Exalt the Lamb5:11-14 
First Half of the Tribulation Starts (3-1/2 years):  
 1st Seal—White Horse; Conqueror; Antichrist6:1-2 
 2nd Seal—Red Horse; War6:3-4 
 3rd Seal—Black Horse; Famine6:5-6 
 4th Seal—Ashen Horse; Death6:7-8 
 5th Seal—Martyrs6:9-11 
 6th Seal—Terror; Meteorites Strike the Earth; Massive Earthquakes6:12-17 
 Four Angels Holding Back the Four Winds7:1 
 Sealing of the 144,0007:2-8 
 A Multitude from the Tribulation7:9-17 
 7th Seal—Silence in Heaven8:1 
End of Daniel’s first 1260 days (3-1/2 years)  
Mid-point of Tribulation–Abomination of Desolation–Dan 9:27; Mt 24:15; Mk 13:14  

The Revelation Time-Line—Second Half of Tribulation

EventFirst ProphecyOverlay Prophesy
Mid-point of Tribulation–Abomination of Desolation–Dan 9:27; Mt 24:15; Mk 13:14  
The Temple Measured—Gentiles Possess Everything Else  11:1-3
The Two Witnesses Prophesy 11:3-6
The Woman—Spiritual Israel—The Visible Church 12:1-2
The Red Dragon to Devour the Child—Satan—False Father/God 12:3-4
The Male Child Caught Up—The Believers—The Invisible Church 12:5-6
War in Heaven—The Angel Michael—The Dragon Thrown Down to Earth 12:7-12
The Woman Pursued by the Dragon’s Flood 12:13-17
The Beast From the Sea—Antichrist—False Christ 13:1-6
The Antichrist Given Authority 13:7-10
The Beast From the Earth—False Prophet—False Holy Spirit 13:11-18
The Image of the Beast—The Mark of the Beast 13:14-18
The 144,000 in Heaven 14:1-5
Vision of the Three Angels: 14:6
The Angel Proclaiming the Gospel 14:6-7
The Angel Predicting Babylon’s Fall 14:8
The Angel Warning Against Taking the Mark of the Beast 14:9-13
Reaping the Earth 14:14-16
Reaping Israel—The Vine of the Earth—The Winepress 14:17-20
Seven Trumpets and Bowls:8:2-615:1-16:1
1stTrumpet/1stBowl—Meteorites and Malignant Sores8:716:2
2ndBowl—An Asteroid Turns Sea to Blood
  3rdTrumpet/3rdBowl—Rivers and Springs Undrinkable8:10-1116:4-7
  4thTrumpet/4thBowl—The Sun Darkened and Extreme Heat8:1216:8-9
  The Three Woes:8:13 
1stWoe—Locusts and Scorpions From the Pit
6thBowl/2ndWoe—200 Million Demons
The Strong Angel with the Little Book10:1-7 
Instructions to Eat the Book10:8-10 
John Told to Prophesy Again10:11 
End of Daniel’s Second 1260 Days (3-1/2 years)  
The Two Witnesses are Killed by the Beast (False Christ)11:7-10 
The Two Witnesses are Resurrected11:11-14 
3rdWoe—Lightening; Thunder; Hail; Great Earthquake
The End of Daniel’s 1290 Days (Dan 12:11)  
Fall of the Harlot Prophesied—The False Church—The False Bride 17:1-7
Destruction of the Beast from the Abyss (False Christ) Prophesied 17:8-13
Victory of the Lamb Prophesied 17:14-18
Fall of Babylon Prophesied —the False New Jerusalem 18:1-24
The Fourfold Hallelujah 19:1-6
The Marriage Feast of the Lamb 19:7-10
Second Coming of Christ—Jesus Prepares to Wage War 19:11-18
Armageddon—Jesus Defeats the Two Beasts (False Christ; False Holy Spirit) 19:19-21
Satan Bound 20:1-3
The End of Daniel’s 1335 Days (Dan 12:12)  
The Millennium 20:4-6
Satan Let Loose for a Time—Judgment of Him and His followers 20:7-10
Great White Throne Judgment 20:11-13
Death & Hades—The Lake of Fire—The Second Death 20:14-15
New Heaven and New Earth 21:1-9
The New Jerusalem—The Bride of the Lamb 21:10-27
The River of Life and the Tree of Life 22:1-9
The Final Message 22:10-21

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  1. This is not the battle of Armageddon. The troops are merely assembling in the valley of Har-magedon for the battle which will occur in Rev 19:19.

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Most serious students of the book of Revelation do fine until they get to chapter 12. Then they get totally confused. This paper presents an easy way to avoid that confusion.

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