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Sex is the most amazing thing on earth.

Is there anything better than sex? Most people would answer “no.” As God intended it, sex is the most intimate and satisfying relationship two bodies can have. The Bible says1 that in the passion of the sexual union we are joined—that we even become one flesh. But this, wonderful as it is, is only temporary. As we age or die, this fades or ceases.

However, Jesus has something even greater in mind than the joining of two bodies: the union of two spirits—His Holy Spirit and our spirit.2 Since the Holy Spirit is eternal, this relationship lasts forever and never fades or dies. It is even more intimate than sex since it involves the central essence of who we are—our spirit.

There are many more beautiful parallels between sex and the entering of the Holy Spirit.3 Among these is the privilege of sharing in the conception of a brand new life, both physically and spiritually. Jesus has blessed us with “life more abundant”4—both here on earth and eternal life in heaven.

Thank you Lord!

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NOTE: Bible references unless otherwise stated are from the NASU (New American Standard Updated) copyright the Lockman Foundation.

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