Fire Extinguisher

Drew Berding

Consumed by fire.

I’ll tell you a simple little vignette that illustrates an important truth.

At a company where I worked, we invited the fire department to come show us how to put out a fire. They took us out in the parking lot, got a shallow pan, poured some gasoline in the pan, then threw in a match. Spectacular flames shot up about six or eight feet. They handed the fire extinguisher to the head of production and told her to put out the fire. She grabbed the fire extinguisher and went swoosh, swoosh back and forth. After about 15 seconds she actually got the fire out (or maybe all the gasoline was consumed!) Unfortunately, the fire extinguisher was almost empty.

Then they said, “Drew you try it.” So the firemen poured some more gasoline in the pan, handed me a new fire extinguisher, threw in a match and again we had the dramatic flames shoot up six or eight feet. I aimed the fire extinguisher at the pan, and gave it only a half-second spritz. The fire was out! People were amazed and they asked “how did you do it?” I answered: “The flames were not the problem. They were dramatic and distracting but what was needed was to cut off the source of the flames—the gasoline.”

This illustrates a key point in the Christian life. We can get so distracted by the dramatic but unimportant things of life that we miss the central point – – – that we are totally loved by Jesus and absolutely safe in his hands. If we dwell on that fact, then everything else falls into place.

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