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Are we who judge an abomination to the Lord?

I recently had a conversation with a friend and somehow the subject of a gay couple came up. My friend immediately quoted Leviticus 18:22 which calls such things “an abomination.”

That may be true but before we get too judgmental or sanctimonious let’s look at how the word “abomination” is used elsewhere in the Scriptures.

Proverbs alone has at least twenty comments using this word. For example, the following things in Proverbs are an abomination to the Lord:

  • 28:9
  • 20:27
  • 12:22
  • 11:1
  • 20:10
  • 15:9
  • 15:26
  • 17:15
  • 17:15
  • 26:25
  • 3:32
  • 11:20
  • 6:17
  • 6:17
  • 6:17
  • 6:18
  • 6:18
  • 6:19
  • 6:19
  • 16:5

the prayer of him who refuses to listen
the sacrifice of the wicked
lying lips
a false balance
differing measures
the ways of the wicked
evil plans
justifying the wicked
condemning the righteous
speaking graciously but lying
being devious
a perverse heart
haughty eyes
a lying tongue
shedding innocent blood
wicked plans
running to evil
a false witness who utters lies
spreading strife among brothers
everyone who is proud

This last one is probably the most convicting of all!

Have we ever done any of these things that God calls an “abomination?”

I know I have.

It is so easy to condemn people who sin in a different way than we do.

Jesus’ instruction is to love them.

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NOTE: Bible references unless otherwise stated are from the NASU (New American Standard Updated) copyright the Lockman Foundation.

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